Through our efforts in membership, economic development, education and advocacy, we create the environment to help our members thrive and become social responsible corporate citizens.

  • SUPPORT THE COMMUNITY – we are the front door to the community. Your investment keeps the door open to serve visitors, your business, customers and those who support your business.



  • Chambers member window sticker
  • Member to Member Discounts*
  • Initiations to networking events
  • Access to the Chamber’s conference room
  • Monthly informative meetings
  • Training initiatives and support information to assist Small Business Owners



  • Legislative advocacy – help direct the Chamber’s position on issues that affect your business
  • Business and workforce education
  • Legislative e-updates
  • Stay on top of critical local issues



  • Web page for your business on the Chamber’s website with link to your Website & Facebook page
  • Display your business cards or brochures in the Chamber office
  • Recognized as a member alphabetically and by category on the Chamber’s website
  • Your business events and information is shared with all our members
  • The Chamber of Commerce works with visitors and internet inquiries when people are looking for information about a community.
  • Referrals by the Chamber. When someone inquires about a kind of business and how to contact a business, we only refer members.



  • Membership in the Chamber gives you the strength of having nearly 200 businesses speaking as one. The Chamber advocates for a better business climate on a local and national level. Your membership gives you a powerful avenue to voice your opinion.
  • You become the voice of Turks & Caicos business community, where our strength is in numbers. The voice of many is always stronger than standing alone.
  • Post the Chamber’s logo on your Web site to identify your business as a member of the community’s strongest business advocate.


SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: – Need Topics or use as a support bullet point under Serve category


  • Invitations for monthly meetings and special events
  • Access to top personnel industry and government leaders
  • Network events draw even more people to talking and doing business with each other,     good old-fashioned commerce. We encourage direct communications amongst our members by providing opportunities at these events for business members to address those present
  • Our Chamber Board of Directors actively engages in policy matters and decision-making with our Chamber member interest in mind. Chamber advocacy offers public decision-makers and citizens at large focused insight into the business and economic vitality aspects of public policy



  • Young Enterprise – TCI – program where youths can experience entrepreneurship
  • TCI Hospitality Adventure – program which supports training for youths in culinary skills

*Participation is voluntary and appreciated